The Joe Barnhart Scholarship Program at A.C. Jones High School


Created to motivate and assist Beeville Independent School District high school students in receiving post-secondary educations, the Joe Barnhart Scholarship Program has benefited 1,650 students since the program began in 1998. The program is unique in two ways: the collaboration between a public school and a private foundation - and the one-on-one relationship of each student with a volunteer mentor. Over 50 volunteers work with students to counsel, encourage and assist students individually in completing paperwork necessary for obtaining college admission and financial aid. Currently the program Director has acquired $29 million in financial aid for the students of Beeville. In addition, the Foundation provides financial assistance for some students. Since the program began, Beeville school officials have noted a rise in the number of students taking college entrance exams and a decline in the student dropout rate.In 2008 the Program was expanded to include high school freshman. The primary goals are to motivate students to be interested in higher education.Available to all students attending A.C. Jones High School through the Joe Barnhart Scholarship Program:Aptitude testing and exploration of students' interests and possibilities Pick-A-Cluster - Career choices reinforced by a series of career nights based on those careers matched in the aptitude testing. Areas highlighted: Architecture and Construction Health Sciences Law - Public Safety - Corrections - Security Manufacturing Summer Shadowing - In previous years, each student spent one day observing someone in his or her chosen career. Law: Attorney including an actual case in court Assistant District Attorney Health Sciences: Dental Office to include routine visits as well as surgicalIntensive Care Unit (Hospital)Pediatrics (Hospital)Radiology (Hospital)Rehabilitation Services to include Physical Therapy and Occupation Therapy (Hospital)


Contact: Brenda DeLaRosa, Joe Barnhart Scholarship Program Director, at 361.358.0413